This is what you get for your money

With us you learn how to kitesurf in 9 hours. You complete the hours usually in three to four days. In the first lesson you get to know the equipment, security systems, and the maneuvers of the kite on the beach. Already in the second hour we will go into the water, where you learn bodydrag, more kitehandling and the relaunch. Approx. in the fourth hour, we give you the board, and usually after nine hours, you know how to do the waterstart and ride on both sides. IKO-Certification possible if wanted. 

Free Shuttle from Surtimax in Crespo to Manzanillo del Mar. 

Private Classes

One student, one instructor, one kite. Normally you do

2-3h a day, but if you feel fit you can do more. 


1h - 60 USD

6h - 330 USD

9h - 400 USD 

Group Classes

Two students, one instructor, one kite. Prices per person.



1h - 42 USD 

6h - 231 USD

9h - 280 USD


You know already how to kite and just want to rent equipment. Kite, bar, board, harness and if desired Life Jacket:


1h - 30 USD

Full Day - 80 USD

Reserve you class: Kite-Basic Course

Basic-Course, 9h private classes, equipment included as well as the free shuttle from Crespo