Travel and Kitesurf

Do you like to do Kitesurf? But you like to travel as well? You just found the perfect school for you. Join us on our Kitesafaris!



As soon as we have 6 People to go, we start the 6-Day Kitesafari along the Colombian coast. You will see the following places:

- Puerto Velero

- Puerto Colombia

- Camarones (La Guajira)

- Riohacha (La Guajira)

- Uribia (La Guajira)

- Cabo de la Vela (La Guajira)


1. Day: 1h drive to Puerto Velero and Kitesurfing, sleeping in Puerto Colombia (another 10min-drive)

2. Day: 5h drive to Camarones - kitesurfing, sleeping in Riohacha

3. Day: 3h drive to Cabo de la vela, kiting, sleeping in the bungalow right at the beach

4. Day: Kiting in Cabo de la Vela all day long 

5. Day: Kiting in Cabo de la Vela all day long (excursion to Pilon de Azucar if interested)

6. Day: 9h ride back home to Cartagena 


The price of  1200 USD is all inclusive:

- 3 meals a Day

- Hotels

- Transportation 

- Excursions

- 9 lessons Kitesurfing or unlimited rent of equipment


We can adapt the Kitesafari to the wishes of the customers. If you for example only wanna see and Kite in Cabo de la Vela, we go there directly, the price stays the same.


Impressions of a Kitesafari